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I am a New Zealand writer specialising in non-fiction, novels and short fiction for adults and young adult novels. As I have a keen interest in history, I have used this in my books by utilising themes such as: The Spanish Civil War and the French Resistance during WWII as the backstory to the novel Catalan; New Zealand's role in the war in the SW Pacific in the novel The Coconut War; the Scots migration from Nova Scotia to New Zealand as background to the story in the novel Birthright-Matamuatanga, and French medieval history in the YA novel Servant of the King:Part 1 of the Templar Trilogy, and novels; Knight of the Templar:Part 2 of the Templar Trilogy and Defender of the Realm:Part 3 of the Templar Trilogy.

All of these books are all available on kindle.

The non-fiction work 150 Years of New Zealand Shipbuilding - 1795 to 1945, was published in pdf format on CD-ROM in 2012.

The novel Richmond Road has recently been completed and is awaiting publication. This novel is set in Auckland, New Zealand in the early 1900s. 


Short listed for the 2011 Graeme Lay Short Story Competition with the story Farewell.

Joint winner of Special Award for The Event with the Most Impact for the spoken word event Spit.It.Out at the 2013 Auckland Fringe Festival.

Short listed for the 2013 National Flash Fiction Day Awards with story, Buried at Sea.

Flash Fiction 250-300 words
800 Word Short Stories
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Birthright Mātāmuatanga
The Coconut War
Servant of the King: Part 1 of the Templar Trilogy
Knight of the Temple: Part 2 of the Templar Trilogy
Defender of the Realm: Part 3 of the Templar Trilogy
Richmond Road
Egyptian Escapade
150 Years of New Zealand Shipbuilding 1795-1945